“New” Baby?


How long can Aubryn be the “new” baby? I find myself telling someone at least once a week “I have a new baby at home.” But do I really? She was 11 months old last weekend.

Everyone told me before she was born that the time would fly. I suppose that I believed them but I had no idea what that really meant. Where did the 6 1/2 pound baby that I brought home from the hospital go? When did this toddler move into my house? I look at Aubryn and can’t believe how grown-up she has become. She has a personality… and opinions… and a strong will. (Oh MY does she have a strong will – I’m in trouble with this one). She stands and is trying HARD to walk. She crawls up and down the step between the kitchen and family room. She has learned to be coy. She points at what she wants. She has learned to feed her breakfast to the dogs…

Which brings me back to the original question. How long can Aubryn be the “new” baby? How long can I be a “new” mommy for that matter? (How long can I use that as an excuse for just about everything? Left my wallet at a restaurant – Oops, I’m a new mommy. Forgot to put the milk back into the fridge so it sat out on the counter all day – Sorry honey, I’m a new mommy. Forgot to give my timesheets to my secretary for TWO weeks – Whoops, I’m a new mommy.)

I know that Aubryn will always be MY baby but how long can she be “new?”

Look how far we’ve come baby!


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Hello world!

Jumping on the bandwagon…

My goal is to document as much as I can about my journey through mommyhood.  Wish me luck!

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