We got cheated today. On our way to church, Tom stopped at McDonald’s to get coffee. Have you seen the commercials? The ones that show a close-up of two coffee cups in a cup holder in a nice vehicle. It is obvious that the vehicle is not moving and sounds that you would hear sitting in traffic can be heard as if outside the vehicle. The phrase “Coffee break on the Schuylkill” comes up on the screen.

Clever ad. One that I actually remember.

Anyway, the ad is for McDonald’s coffee – $.69 for a small and $1 for a large.

This brings me back to today. We stopped at McDonald’s for coffee and we were charged $1.22 for the large coffee. Tom asked the cashier and the cashier told him that “Coffee break on the Schuylkill” commercials were for the “New York market.”


Of course, Tom being Tom, he sent an email to McDonald’s. Yes, it’s only $.22; but for Tom, it’s about the principle. We’ll see what they say. Tom did that once for Wawa and we got a $5 Wawa gift card out of the deal.

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  1. Correction: large coffee was 1.19 + .08 tax to total 1.27. Tk

  2. JBL would say that I would get all puffy with the poor cashier if this happened to me, which I would. $5 wawa cards buys a lot of tasty wawa coffee.

  3. […] neighborhood but no where that I would actually want to go.  Plus, Tom will no longer let me go to McDonalds (not that I really ever went there anyway…)*** Published […]

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