One year ago…

One year ago today I heard the phrase Intrauterine Growth Restriction for the first time. 

I was 35 weeks pregnant with Aubryn.  I had been measuring small since about 20 weeks.  When I visited my OB on New Year’s Eve and the nurse practitioner suspected that my fluid was low and gave me a script for a high-level ultrasound.

That ultrasound was one year ago today.  What was supposed to be (at least in my mind) a quick opportunity to see my little girl again turned into a two hour ultrasound and biophysical profile.  Aubryn scored 4/10 on her biophysical profile and we were admitted to Labor and Delivery.  After a few hours, they let me go home with instructions to return to my OB’s office on Monday.

This was a nightmare for me.  My prayer consistently through my pregnancy was that I would be able to deliver a healthy baby without medical intervention.  But I was willing to do anything in the best interest of my baby.

One year ago today, I was told that I would most likely have to be induced and that my baby would be born at less than 5 pounds.  They wanted to wait as long as possible to induce me so I was sent for twice weekly biophysical profiles.  Aubryn did great!  In less than a week, my fluid levels went up into the normal range and Aubryn stopped showing signs of distress.

At 39 weeks and 4 days, without any medical intervention, I delivered a healthy 6 pounds, 10 ounces baby girl.

This morning, one year later, I said a prayer of thanksgiving.  I am so blessed.

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  1. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Aubryn. What a wonderful day of celebration!

  2. […] 36 weeks, I was admitted to Labor and Delivery again with IUGR. At that point, I had not dilated at all but was 50% effaced.  At 38 weeks, I had dilated to 1 […]

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