Sickness seems to be the norm around here lately.  Aubryn is working on day 8 of the stomach flu.  I contracted it overnight Saturday night and took off of work today – my second sick day ever!  My mom had it on Friday, my dad and Erin had it yesterday.  We’re waiting for Tom to get it next (and we all know how that will go – he’s not the best patient).

Since Aubryn started school in September, she has had seven ear infections, two of which resulted in perforated ear drums.  She has had two stomach/digestive system viruses.  She has had two other fevers of “unknown origin” and a constant runny nose.  We have spent, literally, hundreds of dollars on co-pays at the pediatrician (she goes at least twice for each ear infection – diagnosis and ear check) and antibiotics.  We have gone through so much Infant Tylenol and Infant Motrin that we have considered buying stock in Johnson and Johnson and McNeill.

It’s been really, really tough and I’m not sure what the right answer is.

At the end of the month, we are taking Aubryn to an Otolaryngologist (an ENT) at CHOP.  I am terrified that he will tell us that Aubryn needs tubes.  I know that it’s really common for babies and young children to get tubes in their ears but there is something about subjecting my child to general anesthesia that really terrifies me.

I often wonder if Aubryn has been getting sick so much because I send her to school.  My pediatrician tells me that she could just as easily get sick in the nursery at church, in playgroup, at the swim lessons she went to at the Y or at her music classes.  The whole situation does not help my mommy guilt AT ALL.  My pediatrician assures me that it would make no difference if I hired a nanny or stayed at home because we would continue to send Aubryn into situations where she socializes with other children.  The pediatrician feels that Aubryn is just the type of child who catches colds and gets sick.

So, for now, I will continue to send her to school and continue to express how thankful and grateful I am to my parents and sister who help me take care of Aubryn when she has to stay home.

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  1. J and J and McNeil are the same company. Tom

  2. thats tough. stomach bug – shudder.
    my poor third — he was sick for SIX weeks this fall. all germs that his big sisters brought home.
    i think it has nothing to do with her being in school. our worst sickness – rotavirus – come from the church nursery. if she wasn’t in school now she might be healthier, but she would just be sick all through kindergarten when she finally gets there! its a bad year – everyone seems to be in the same boat this fall!
    i hope she doesn’t need tubes!

  3. p.s.
    look at you, blogger mama!! FUN!

  4. […] Of the four weeks of January, Aubryn has been home sick for three of them. […]

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