An open letter to Starbucks.

Dear Mr. Starbucks:

Please come to my neighborhood.  I honestly think that my neighborhood is the only one in the whole entire nation without one (or even two) of you.

The closest one to me is 5 miles away in our county seat.  However, in order to go to that Starbucks, I either have to find on-street parking (not easy to do) or park in the parking garage.  Neither are easy in this particular town.

The next closest one is 10 miles away in a mall.  In a mall.  Do you know how hard it is to get the baby out of the car and into a mall? Plus, the Starbucks in the mall is a totally different experience than going to an actual store front.

It’s not that I love your coffee.  In fact, I don’t even drink coffee.  What I do love is going into your coffee shop, ordering tea, sitting and people watching.  When I was on maternity leave last year, Aubryn and I used to frequent your coffee shop often.  She would nap in her infant seat and I would read a magazine.   When I studied for the bar 5 1/2 years ago, I studied in your coffee shop.  When I worked in center city and was having a bad day, I would go to your shop at 18th and Market to just get away from the office for a little while.  Tom and I have gone on many “dates” in your coffee shop.  I have spent time in your shop with many of my girlfriends – chatting, catching up, praying and crying.  You are my comfortable place.

I really need you to come to my neighborhood.


***This could also be an open letter to Panera, Cosi, etc.  We have every fast food in the world in my neighborhood but no where that I would actually want to go.  Plus, Tom will no longer let me go to McDonalds (not that I really ever went there anyway…)***

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  1. Oh my, you are deprived. I don’t even know where you live that there could be no Starbucks! I used to meet with my working moms prayer group at the Starbucks in Wayne, and I oft frequented the one in KOP mall. Now there is even a drive-thru one in Royersford/Limerick near our old house.

    Ok so here in Houston? Starbucks on EVERY CORNER. One inside the Target a mile from my house and one in the shopping center RIGHT BEHIND the Target. Also? Panera too, a mile away. That’s even better than Starbucks, because they have great food.

  2. Gee, where do you even live? There are about 4 within 5 miles of me. Plus Paneras, plus Cosi, plus little non-chain places. Which is both good and bad. Because I LOVE coffee….. My mom has one inside her Target! He-LLO!! Talk about the merging of my two favorite places!!!

    I have a soft soft for Cosi because I lived next door to the one on 12th and Walnut. Sigh. Those were the days…

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