The Verdict.

It looks like Aubryn is going to get tubes in her ears on Febuary 16th.   We went to see an ENT at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia this morning.  (Have I mentioned how blessed we are to live close to one of, if not the, best children’s hospitals in the world?)  Aubryn has a double ear infection from the nasty cold she’s had all week.  What is more disturbing is that she has some hearing loss from all of the ear infections that she’s had since September.

My prayer is that the tubes will alleviate the pressure and her hearing will come back to normal.  Although the tubes won’t eliminate all potential ear infections, the frequency and severity should lessen.  That would be wonderful!

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  1. It will make a night and day difference. Been there and can empathize with your anxiety and exhaustion! Hope all goes well.

  2. Poor girl! But yes, you are very lucky to live so close to that hospital! Good luck, keep us posted 🙂

  3. poor baby! hope all goes well – keep us posted!

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