What’s the etiquette for thank you notes from children?

I just received the thank you notes that I ordered for the gifts that Aubryn received for her first birthday.  Should the notes be written as if they are from her?  Should they be written as if they are from all of us?  It’s always been a pet peeve of mine when parents write “baby talk” or use “baby handwriting” in notes from little kids.

What’s the proper thing to do?

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  1. Just write them from you or from all of you. No biggie!

  2. I make them from Drew, and I write them in normal adult language! I do have Drew “sign” them, but that is the extent of the babyishness (is that a word??)

  3. i just write them normally and sign abl’s name.

  4. i write them from the kids, but NOT in baby talk. You know, “Dear Grandma, Thank you for the book! I love it so much that I make Daddy read it over and over and over! Love, Colin”

  5. I just write them and sign his name. Don’t sweat it! 🙂

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