All set?

We had the pre-op run down with a nurse at CHOP today.  Aubryn’s surgery is set for 6:50 on Monday morning.  I guess hospitals don’t get holidays (lawyers don’t either – my office is open on Monday – but that is an issue for another post).

This morning the nurse went through a list of pre-op instructions with me.  No medications between now and Monday.  No solids after 11 on Sunday night.  Clear liquids are allowed until 4 a.m. and nothing after that.  I have to bring a pacifier (although Aubryn has never taken to them – I’ll have to dig one up somewhere), a blanket or comfort item (don’t really have one of those either – when we were nursing, my b**bs were pretty much her comfort item), an empty cup, an empty bottle and a change of clothes for her and for me in case she vomits from the anesthesia.

Surprisingly for me, I am not feeling anxious about the surgery.  God has granted me a great deal of peace and I am looking forward to this chapter of our life being over and (hopefully) to a healthier, happier child.

Speaking of, Aubryn has been totally healthy for two weeks now!  Even with a nasty flu virus going around and with TK4 having strep throat last week!  Tomorrow will be the 10th day in a row that she has gone to school.  In the five months that she has been in school, Aubryn has never gone more than one week without missing a day.  I am so thankful.  Now if we can just keep her healthy until Monday…

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  1. i’ll be praying for you both!
    keep us posted!

  2. Get better!!

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