I need to get some things off my chest.

I have some confessions to make:

*  I still let Aubryn have a bottle at night before she goes to bed… and one in the morning when she gets up.  I know that she’s supposed to drink only from a cup but I do only send cups to school.

*  Aubryn woke up at 5:00 yesterday and I let her have her bottle in my bed so I could get 20 minutes more sleep.

*  We are out of size 3 diapers and I briefly considered rigging two size 2 diapers together instead of calling TK4 to pick up more diapers on his way home.

*  I opened the dishwasher last night and let Aubryn play with the silverware and tupperware in the bottom rack so that I could get some peace and quiet cook dinner and pack tomorrow’s lunches.

*  I let Aubryn play on the stairs from the kitchen to upstairs last night so that I could make her bottle (I could see her the whole time!).

* I DVR 90210 and One Tree Hill..  and Real Housewives of Orange County…. and New York.

*  I finished listening to New Moon in the car yesterday morning and obsessively checked the status of my Eclipse hold all day.  It’s been “in transit” to the local branch since yesterday.  Argh.  I’ll probably do the same thing today.

*  My dinner last night consisted of what Aubryn did not eat of her dinner and cake batter ice cream right out of the carton.  (Yes, my husband was out).

*  If I don’t recognize your number on my caller i.d., I don’t answer my phone.

*  I often sometimes don’t bother to wipe Aubryn’s nose because it’s just not worth the drama.

*  When Aubryn screams in the car for some unknown reason, I’ve been known to turn the radio up so that I can focus on something other than the screaming.

*  My next career is going to be something that I don’t bring home with me at night (physically bring home work or mentally bring it home), like a news reporter.  My friend from college is a reporter for the CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh and she always says that the best thing about her job is that today’s news is today’s news and will be yesterday’s news tomorrow so when she leaves work, she never feels like something is hanging over her head.

*  Aubryn is starting to take a step here and a step there.  Mostly she’ll take one step from holding onto the coffee table to the couch.  I am finding it to be very, very exciting.

*  I hate to be told that I can’t do something.  Part of what motivated me to become a lawyer is that a man in my church once told me that Christians could not be lawyers.

*  Despite how overwhelming Aubryn can be at times, I really want to have another baby.

*  I am canceling my membership to the Y.  I have only gone twice.  Maybe I’ll rejoin in the summer.

*  I wrote all of the thank you notes from Aubryn’s birthday party last week and addressed them.  All that I have to do is put stamps on them and drop them in the mailbox and I just can’t seemed to pull it together to do that this week.

*  I am thinking of growing my hair.  Thoughts?  Opinions?  I know some of you have some – especially my sister…

I feel better.  Thanks for letting me get those things off my chest!

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  1. I am so with you on SOOOOOOOOO many of those same confessions. I think you can carry either long or shorter hair, but I really did like the sassy ‘do you had post AEK.

  2. If you want to grow your hair, by all means, go ahead. You can have any length of hair you want. Just don’t perm it. And if you even think of dying it red, I will tell you everything you told me when I dyed my hair red (although I would secretly love it)! BTW, I turned up the radio on AEK once. Don’t hold it against me please! It was only once and she fell asleep after I did that! Plus I’m a free babysitter.

    It’s nice to know that you make some shortcuts with AEK sometimes. It takes the pressure off of me to be perfect like you. It also confirms my theory that you’re way more laid back than I could ever strive to be.

    So in conclusion, go for the hair! I’m trying to grow mine out too. We’ll both be long-haired babes together! Let’s see who can get it the longest the fastest. Ready, go!

  3. Your sister cracks me up.

    I still give Alex a bottle before bed and when he wakes up…well until this week. And he’s a whole lot older than AEK.

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