What I learned this week.

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Here’s what I learned…

That I truly value quality time with my husband.

So often the stress of life, parenting, home-ownership and work can consume not only my week but my weekends too.  With TK4 and I both working full time, parenting, keeping a house, TK4 being in grad school, and trying to be a good, faithful friend, sibling and child, often our weekends are as crazy as our weeks and by the end, I realize that TK4 and I have not spent any quality time together.  Last weekend, we spent some good, quality time together and it was wonderful.

On Friday night, TK4 gave Aubryn a bath and put her to bed while I cleaned up the kitchen.  After Aubryn was down, TK4 and I “rented” a movie on demand, opened a bottle of wine and made popcorn.  We didn’t worry about laundry or cleaning, we turned off the computers and put our blackberries away and just spent some time together.  It was so wonderful that we did it again on Saturday with a different movie.

When we were dating, we were both poor (I was in law school and TK4 had just bought his first house).  We spent many Friday and Saturday nights renting movies or making dinner instead of going out.  It was laid back and wonderful.  Over time, other responsibilities have crept up and left us both exhausted come Friday night.  My recent pattern has been to go to bed early on Friday nights as a result of my sheer exhaustion from the week.  I realized this week how much I have missed spending that time alone with TK4.

I know that it will be hard replicate every Friday night but I am hoping that sooner rather than later, TK4 and I can have another laid back Friday movie night and spend some time just being us.


(Okay, and in looking at this picture, I realized something else that I learned this week – I am looking OLD.  This picture is circa 2006.  Having a child really does age you!  Sheesh!)

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  1. What a fantastic lesson to have learned. The demans of life can definitely take its toll on a relationship. Glad to hear you had a little rekindling of the “good old days”!

  2. I loved your post! I have been realizing the same things here…even after 18 years of marriage…you still have to schedule time alone together 🙂 I guess, I know what we will be doing when our nest is empty in 3 more years.

  3. What a great lesson to remember. I notice if we don’t spend time together reconnecting, Andy and I get a litle snippy with each other 🙂 We try to take at least 3 nights a month to ourselves, whether it is after Drew is in bed, or MIL is babysitting. It helps tremendously!

    I love that picture of you two

  4. That is awesome that you had that time together. Definitely worth keeping it up. It is amazing how time flies and we have to reprioritize sometimes.

  5. I LOVE alone time with my hubby! It doesn’t happen often with four kids, but I love it when I get it. In fact, we are going out of town for one night on Friday and I can hardly contain myself!

    Have a great week!

  6. i too need to learn this lesson. kudos to you! quality time with the hubby is definitely a must, but oftentimes the first thing to be dropped when it comes to crunchtime. here’s to many more weekends for you and TK4.

  7. This is a lesson I need to learn. I am so exhausted that even when we do schedule a date night I often fall asleep before the movie is older. I think I need to make more of an effort.
    You don’t look old!!

  8. My man and I have learned some similar lessons recently. Good for you!

  9. What a great lesson! Our baby just turned 13 months and we have not had a date night since she was born! We really need it.

  10. I’m a little sad for Jessie that she hasn’t been on a date in over a year! Get a babysitter and go out! I know, I know easier said than done but having babysat for several parents, I find the ones that make a point to go out on a date are kinder to each other. Either that or they’re good about being kind to each other in front of the babysitter/nanny!

  11. Absolutely! You are so right. I really enjoy when 24 and Lost are on b/c Paul and I always watch those shows together. It’s DEFINITELY important to make time for each other. Thanks for sharing!

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